Double Thirds

0:00-4:25 Beethoven 5th concerto 1mov. M.187 Double thirds 0:30-1:45 Fingering double thirds 1:46-3:09 Walking hand and arm is always there 3:10-4:25 Shaping Debussy La Puerta del Vino- Double thirds 4:26-end 4:26-6:24 M.71 6:25-8:51 M. 73

Playing more Efficiently in excerpts from Debussy’s Jardins Sous La Pluie

Length: 14’22” Debussy’s Jardins Sous La Pluie is piece of music filled with many technical barriers that can be understood through proper Taubman movements and concepts. Edna goes through various excerpts from this work and shows how one can alleviate the difficulties on the page. 0:00 – 3:40 Redistribution 3:40 – 5:40 Repeating notes/Leaps 5:40…