Rachmaninoff Op.32 No.12

Masterclass at DPA, London – UK Rachmaninoff Op.32 No.12, Emily Dole Quick Leaps, Fingering and Broken Octaves

Chopin Scherzo No. 2 mm.545-582

1:45-6:19 Staccato Leaps in both hands from M.552. 6:20-7:20 Cause of tension: twist / how to solve this? 7:20-8:45 playing octaves with 1-5 and getting legato effect. 8:46-9:17 torso adjustment 9:18 –10:33 leaps in both directions and how to organize it. (active direction and passive direction) 10:34-end Leaps with both hands simultaneously: which hand goes…

Chopin Ballade No. 2: Examining and Solving difficult passages

Length: 16’24” Many people bring the Presto con fuoco section from the 2nd Ballade with questions on how to play with more ease. Edna looks at various passages and explains the multiple aspects that go into moving more naturally and efficiently. 0:00 – 1:30 Rotating to the left for RH intervals 1:30 – 3:47 Moving…

Trills and broken octaves

00:00 – 3:40 Single Rotation in trills. 3:41 – 5:17 Single Rotation in broken octaves + forearm Positioning between the two notes.