Chopin Scherzo No. 2 mm.545-582

1:45-6:19 Staccato Leaps in both hands from M.552. 6:20-7:20 Cause of tension: twist / how to solve this? 7:20-8:45 playing octaves with 1-5 and getting legato effect. 8:46-9:17 torso adjustment 9:18 –10:33 leaps in both directions and how to organize it. (active direction and passive direction) 10:34-end Leaps with both hands simultaneously: which hand goes…

RH arpeggios in Beethoven Sonata Op. 27 no 2, 3rd movt

Length: 11’55” Some pianists have claimed that this passage is so tiring that it leaves one fatigued just by playing it. Edna talks about how to prevent this through concepts such as torso movement and shows how moving in the black keys will assist by preventing twisting.