The length of Taubman retraining varies, depending on what the pianist is looking for. In the hands of a highly trained Golandsky Institute teacher, many can experience significant improvements in only one lesson. However, there is so much more this work can offer. Subsequent lessons can solve many more issues and begin to give the pianist skills that could last a lifetime.

There are numerous factors that influence the length and success of retraining. Among others, as in the case of injuries, it would generally depend on the severity and duration of the injury or problem, access to and frequency of lessons, the student’s mindset, commitment and ability to develop awareness of the playing apparatus, the relationship and quality of communication between the teacher and student, and the skill of the teacher. In the case of those who wish to overcome certain technical limitations, or to develop a bigger, more reliable technique, many of the same things will apply.

To a large extent, the learning goals determine the length of retraining. Some musicians take only a brief series of lessons to have specific questions answered, while others pursue training in greater depth as they realize the greater potential possible as they overcome present limitations, whether technical and / or musical.