Internationally Renowned Pedagogue and Leading Authority on the Taubman Approach

Edna Golandsky


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"Before I studied with Edna Golandsky I had tremendous shoulder pain and my sound was weak. I felt that my technique had gone as far as it could go and that there was no hope for improvement. As a result of working with Edna, my pain is gone."

- Thomas Bagwell | Assistant Conductor, Metropolitan Opera, Washington Opera, Santa Fe Opera

"Edna is a vast repository of the most sophisticated bio-mechanical knowledge about how to play the instrument beautifully." ...Read more
- Josu De Solaun, Enescu Competition gold medalist, concert pianist and recording artist
"Edna changed my playing. It’s funny how sometimes you believe you have reached a peak, but then you discover another level. I consider Edna to be a brilliant mind, with the intuition and knowledge to very quickly analyze how she can help a performer."
- Gabriela Montero, concert pianist and recording artist
"Edna Golandsky is a consummate expert of piano technique and musical artistry. The depth of her analytical ability surpasses anything I have encountered."
- Ilya Itin, Leeds Competition gold medalist and concert pianist
"I have never seen a better piano pedagogue… Edna has given me back my dream of playing and teaching like a master." ...Read more
- Dimitris Kostopoulos, concert pianist
"Edna’s brilliant teaching is so understandable that when you come in with a problem you’re always going to leave with a solution other than 'just practice it more.' She pushes you to go further with your talent and inspires you to be a complete musician." ...Read more
- Thomas Bagwell, concert pianist and conductor
"Every lesson with Edna has been a revelation. She shares her broad knowledge with love and generosity, combined with a laid back approach and a sense of humor. Thanks to her, I have managed to play pieces that I never dreamed I would be able to. She changed my life."
- Yaniv Dinur, concert pianist and conductor

Edna and her Work

About Edna

A world-renowned piano pedagogue and the leading exponent of the Taubman Approach, she has earned wide acclaim throughout the United States and abroad for her pedagogical expertise, her extraordinary ability to solve technical problems and for her penetrating musical insight.

The Taubman Approach

Edna Golandsky continued her studies with Dorothy Taubman for many years, becoming her assistant and, later on, her associate. Mrs. Taubman has written, “I consider her the leading authority on the Taubman Approach to instrumental playing.”

The Golandsky Institute

In 2003, along with John Bloomfield, Robert Durso and Mary Moran, Ms. Golandsky co-founded the Golandsky Institute to preserve and promote the work of Dorothy Taubman for pianists and other musicians.​

Artist & Student

Ms. Golandsky has taught and coached concert pianists at the highest level, national and international competition winners, students and graduates from major piano conservatories and music schools worldwide, and gifted pianists at all levels and throughout all genres.

Work with
Other Instruments

The piano world is not unique in the number of physical injuries. Practitioners of other instruments suffer from similar injuries as well. Ms. Golandsky has applied Taubman principles to help other instrumentalists as well.

Instructional Materials

Over the course of her career, Ms. Golandsky has developed instructional materials so that pianists can have access to this body of knowledge. Almost a million pianists have viewed them.

Healthy Typing

Recognizing the common denominator between keyboards of all kinds and that pianists’ injuries are applicable to all keyboard users, Ms. Golandsky established Healthy Typing, a consulting service to help relieve the heavy economic and physical damage that incorrect keyboard habits produce.

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