Click here to read about the exciting two-day symposium on the Taubman Approach, held on March 23-24 2013. For the first time in the UK, Edna Golandsky (piano) and Sophie Till (violin) will work with pianists and violinists from all over the world.

The mission of the Golandsky Institute is to instruct musicians in the skills that enable them to realize their highest potential as performing artists. It also teaches them how to overcome technical limitations and recover from playing-related injuries. It is the leading institute for the Taubman Approach, an internationally recognised technique for the prevention and cure of the injuries, pain, discomfort and fatigue related to playing. The resulting physical knowledge provides the tools for tone production and musical expression.

For many years, the Taubman Approach has focused on the needs of pianists but for the first time in the UK , this ground breaking Symposium will apply the Taubman Approach to both piano players and violin players.

The experience of applying the Taubman Approach to the violin has opened an entirely new world of technical and musical possibilities for violinists. The combination of this approach with the clarity and thoroughness of its pedagogy is producing revolutionary results.

The intensive two-day Symposium will focus on the following:

  • Presentations on the principles and practical application of the Taubman Approach
  • Hands-on work dealing with physical/technical issues such as pain, numbness, fatigue and playing limitations, offering diagnostic tools and concrete solutions.
  • Intensive study to achieve solutions to problem passages in the repertoire.
  • Master classes addressing musical issues, such as tone production, colour. shaping and more
  • Separate workshops to cater for the different instruments: piano workshops with Edna Golandsky, and violin workshops with Sophie Till.
    Delegates can join either the piano or violin symposia, for one or two days, either as a participant or an auditor. Registrations for both the piano and violin symposia are now open. Places are strictly limited.