We are very excited about celebrating our 10th Golandsky Institute Summer Symposium at Princeton this year, with special and inspiring programs.

The Golandsky Institute has been an incredible success, attracting pianists and other instrumentalists from all over the US and the world. Whatever their level and aspirations, whether students, professional performers, teachers, or passionate amateurs, attendees have found that the Golandsky Institute offers the kind of programs that are tailored to their needs. Many participants  come to improve their playing,  others have  unanswered questions, unresolved problems, or playing-related injuries.  Often, musicians are in the midst of an active performing career, and need the practical solutions which will allow them to  continue playing.  Many  experience dramatic transformations over the eight-day Symposium, and acquire an incredible amount of knowledge which is why so many return year after year.  These results are due to the highly trained faculty who continue to learn and expand their knowledge.
When I decided to found the Golandsky Institute in 2003,  my  vision depended from the beginning on the invaluable partnership of John Bloomfield, Robert Durso, and Mary Moran (shown in accompanying pictures).  Our relationship started many years ago, when they came to me as students. Through their talents, intelligence, hard work and dedication to the learning and development of the Taubman Approach, they became experts and masterful pianists and teachers in this work, and are now in great demand. That, combined with their warmth, kindness,  generous  natures and our ability to work together so well, made them natural partners.
The founding, development and accomplishments of the Golandsky Institute has been remarkable, and could not have happened without John, Robert, Mary, and the many others who have contributed so much along the way.  We look forward to continued growth and exciting developments in the future. Hope you will join us in July this year, for this unmissable 10th anniversary.
Celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Golandsky Institute