Keyboard Sonata in D Minor, K.141

Scarlatti D141, Repeated Notes, Deren Eryilmaz

Masterclass from Forum Musikae, Madrid – SPAIN

Length: 13’47”

Scarlatti Toccata K.141 – M. 65-70 and M. 1-7

0:00-7:54 M.65-70 : Fingering, In and out motions and when to connect and disconnect

  • 0:00- 3:30 fingering and rotation
  • 3:31-5:31 In and out motion
  • 5:32-6:40 Shaping
  • 6:41-7:54 Grouping

7:55-13:44 M.1-7 Repeated notes

  • 7:55-9:06 Repeated notes in general
  • 9:07-10:17 Staccato playing in repeated notes
  • 10:18-10:47 Rotation
  • 10:48-12:42 In and out motion & Forearm shift with rotation & Shaping
  • 12:43-end How much one has to come up

Playing quick repeated notes efficiently in Scarlatti’s Sonata in D minor

Length: 4’10”

Edna demonstrates playing repeated notes with rotation and moving to other keys with single rotation. She also discusses how to play the broken chords in the LH in synchrony with the RH.

Moving In and Out to play repeated notes in Scarlatti’s D minor Sonata

Length: 3’15”

Moving in and out correctly allows one to play repeated notes with a greater ease. Edna demonstrates this along with using single and double rotations in Scarlatti’s D minor Sonata.