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Presentations:  Ms. Golandsky is available for short presentations, one-day presentations or seminars of several days in length, either on her own or with supporting staff, according to the requirements of the client.  Subjects may include

  1. All aspects of natural and symptom-free technique:

    1. Basic techniques: scales, arpeggios, trills, chords, octaves and more.

    2. Passage problems: resolution of difficult passages throughout the piano repertoire.

    3. The relationship between technique, tone production and shaping of phrases.

    4. Pedagogy: how to diagnose problems, techniques for communicating solutions.

  2. Master classes to present and resolve technical and musical concerns at the piano.

  3. Computer keyboard, mouse and iphone problems, offering solutions and preventive measures.

Presentation: Please reach out to discuss and coordinate details with Ms. Golandsky's team.

Consultations:  Ms. Golandsky will diagnose the problem or problems and prescribe a plan of action to resolve them. 

Private Lessons: Are available, please reach out for more information regarding private lessons with Ms. Golandsky.


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