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As Ms. Golandsky’s knowledge deepened over the years, she continued to clarify and expand all of the aspects of the Taubman Approach.  Responding to pianists’ interest and realizing its enormous potential for both healing and technical virtuosity, Ms. Golandsky began to develop instructional materials almost from the beginning of her career so that pianists could have access to this body of knowledge.


She had already recorded the ten DVDs presenting a complete overview of Dorothy Taubman’s work. Then, as the work evolved over the years, she recognized that more explanation was necessary. To explain how technique works for components of musical expression, Golandsky created the three-DVD set, “The Art of Rhythmic Expression,” which has been praised worldwide, and the two-DVD set, “The Forgotten Lines: Lines that Support, Surround, and Intensify the Melody.

In addition, Ms. Golandsky continued to create videos to personally demonstrate different aspects of this body of knowledge.  In these short videos, Ms. Golandsky demonstrates the techniques for playing scales, arpeggios, leaps, octaves, double thirds and trills, repeated notes, Alberti bass and other common playing skills with efficiency and ease.  She then shows how these skills are applied in piano repertoire, illustrating repeated note playing in a Scarlatti sonata, broken octaves in Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata, arpeggios in the Mendelsohn etude Opus 104 #1 and the Chopin “Winter Wind” etude, slow playing in the Brahms Opus 117 #1 and more.


Over the years, close to a million pianists worldwide have viewed Ms. Golandsky’s instructional materials.

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