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Private Lessons

Whether you're looking to find answers to prevent injury, take back your joy of playing by ridding yourself of pain or take your virtuosity to the next level, one on one lessons with Edna may be the solution you're looking for.

 Private lessons are currently available. Please reach directly for more information to see if one one one lessons with Ms. Golandsky is the right fit for you.

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Josu de Solaun

Enescu Competition gold medalist, concert pianist,
and recording artist

“I studied intensively the Taubman Approach with Edna Golandsky for three years, from 2009 to 2012, almost every week. The knowledge I gained, not only about what I was doing right at the piano, but about the many areas of improvement in my craft at the instrument, will serve me the rest of my life. She opened up large vistas and horizons as to the possibilities of both the piano and of my own abilities using it to make music."

Yegor Shevtsov

working pianist

"I came to Edna to get help with very practical and concrete problems: I needed to perform some pieces that I could not play well. Over the years, I have brought to her Chopin and Scriabin Etudes for gigs, Beethoven and Brahms Sonatas for competitions, Strauss and Stravinsky orchestral excerpts for auditions. From fingerings to articulation, from sound quality to rhythmic vitality – Edna leaves no stone unturned."

Danilo Pérez

Jazz pianist, composer, educator,
and social activist.

"Edna Golandsky’s work with the Taubman method allowed me to reflect and learn as a musician – she woke up my awareness of the subtleties and beauties of tone-production."
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